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All Sumax Products & Services are Proudly made in the USA

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Assorted Parts

Note: Prices are per each unless specified per pair.





Part Name
Air Cleaners, Front $65.00
Air Cleaners, S&S $78.00
Air Dam $98.00
Axle Covers $22.00
Bag Brkts 2014 Touring Pair $225.00
Bag Brkt Front FLHX $50.00
Battery Base Plate $48.00
Battery Box $59.00
Battery Top Plate $32.00
Belt Guards $95.00+
Belt Pulley Cover $81.00
Brake Arm $36.00
Brake Drum Backing Plate $53.00
Brake Pedals $45.00+
Brake Pedal Mount $40.00
Brake Rod $32.00
Brake Rotors $116.00
Brake Calipers (sm & lg) $96-105.00
Caliper Bracket $56.00
Carb Body: Kehin, SU, S&S $178.00
Carb Body: Dual Throat $220.00
Chain Guard FX&FL $95.00
Clutch Perch w/ Strap $46.00
Crash Bars, Engine $135.00
Coil Bracket $46.00
Coil Cover $53.00
Derby Cover $48.00
Dash Housing FX/FL $95.00
Dash Housing FXR or FLHX $123.00
Docking Points Brkt $45.00
Engine Skid Plate $46.00
Engine Guard $120.00
Exhaust Brkts $46.00
Exhaust Shields $51.00
Fender Rails FX/FL/XL Pair $165.00
Fender Rails FXST Pair $178.00
Foot Pegs $40.00
Fork Brace $76.00
FL Fender Rail Covers $42.00
Floor Board Suports Pair $90.00
Fuel Door FL $39.00
Handle Bars $70.00+
Hand Levers Clutch or Brake $41.00
Handle Bar Clamps $51.00
Handle Bar Grips Pair $74.00
Handle Bar Risers Pair $48.00
Headlight Rim $40.00
Headlight Bucket $62.00
Headlight Shroud FL Cast 2 pc $206.00
Headlight Visors $72.00+
Head Bolt Bridges Pair $44.00
Head Bolt Bridges (Fillers) $22.00
Headlight Fairing Skirt $80.00
Horn Cover $58.00
Hub $101.00
Intake Flanges Pair $18.00
Kick Stand $68.00+
Kick Stand Plate $41.00
Part Name
Lower Legs FX & XL Pair $220.00
Lower Legs FL Pair $248.00
Luggage Racks Small $74.00
Luggage Racks Medium $124.00
Luggage Racks Large $164.00
Master Cylinder Bodies $99.00
Master Cylinder Covers $32.00
Manifolds $68.00
Mirror w/ Stem $60-80.00
Motor Top Mount $26.00
Lifter Covers Pair $101.00
Oil Filter Mount Cast $68.00
Oil Pump Housing $95.00
Oil Pump Cover $40.00
Oil Tank Small Stock $167.00
Oil Tank Wrap-Around $218.00
Passenger Peg Mounts $21.00
Passing Lamp Buckets $52.00
Passing Lamp Visors $32.00
Passing Lamp Mounts $48.00
Point Cover $36.00
Pulley Rear $125.00
Push Rod Cover Sets H-D $123.00
Regulator Brkt $36.00
Risers Pair $53.00
SaddleBag Guards / Side $68.00
SaddleBag Support Brkt Pair $64.00
SaddleBag Verticle Support $44.00
SaddleBag Latch Cover $52.00
Shifters $39.00
Shifter Brkt $40.00
Shock Springs $42.00
Sissy Bars $83.00+
Slider Covers (Cans) Pair $104.00
Spotlight Buckets $51.00
Spot Light Bar $88.00
Springer Front End 2 Piece $311.00
Springer Rockets Pair $78.00
Starter End Covers $30.00
Starter Housing Cover $55.00
Strut Cover FLHX $150.00ea
Swingarm Pivot Covers Pair $40.00
Switch Cover Housing 2 pc $62.00
Tach Speed Cup $43.00
Tool Box w/ Door $74.00
Tour Pak Rack $130.00
Tree Shroud W-G 3 pc $105.00
Triple Tree Top Narrow $82.00
Triple Tree Bottom Narrow $82.00
Triple Tree Top Wide $96.00
Triple Tree Bottom Wide $96.00
Turn Signals $39.00
Turn Signal Brkt FLHX $125.00
Turn Signal Front Mounts 39.00
Turn Signal Rear Mounts $18.00

Sumax offers a variety of "in-house" colors which we stock here at our location. If you have a custom job that needs a specific color to suit your needs you can visit Prismatic Powders at the link below to view a large variety of colors, and request samples. If you choose to use a non "in-house" color there will be an additonal charge for the cost of powder + shipping.

Prismatic Powder Colors


Note: Prices are subject to change, Candy & Metallic Colors add 10%. Strip Charge may apply when required.

Click the link below for our easy to use Packing List for sending in your parts:

Sumax Powdercoating Packing List




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